Abu Dhabi Tourism: Engaging with Piccadilly Circus

AR real-time immersive experience

The campaign for the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi was a full frame Augmented Reality (AR) experience. Pedestrians stood in front of the Piccadilly Lights screen while a mirror stream of the place showed overlay graphics in a real-time immersive experience.

The interactive experience was active for two weeks, running for ten minutes every hour. Some of the overlayed graphics offered exciting content to the public, such as a roller coaster or even animals living in a savannah.

A pedestrian taking a picture of Piccadilly Lights while the Abu Dhabi campaign is active
Abu Dhabi Tourism Campaign at Piccadilly Circus

A Guiness World Record campaign

In order to make the campaign even more engaging, pedestrians would take selfies while watching the AR experience. They then uploaded them to a specific website from Abu Dhabi Tourism, to participate in different competitions.

Digital Media Technologies used groundbreaking camera technology to integrate real life images with sophisticated 3D content. The campaign broke the Guinness world record for using the largest integrated display ever.