We call it The Complete Works for a reason. From initial design to deployment and managed services, Digital Media Technologies is a trusted technology partner. Our comprehensive solutions are stringently aligned with professional UK construction processes and frameworks, including RIBA, meaning we cover every step of the journey from early-stage feasibility and concept development with 3D visualisation, through to detailed project planning, installation, operations and ongoing services.

Our consultative approach is focused on collaboration first because we need to understand your business before moving to the design phase. This approach allows us to provide our clients with the best opportunities, which in turn drive ROI through immersive and spectacular experiences. With an unrivalled focus on technology, creativity and integration we aim to provide the spark that brings you display solutions to life.

Pro services

To deliver the best you must aspire to be the best. Our approach is governed by the understanding that we can only learn by listening and this is crucial for us to successfully meet your requirements. We recognise that no two experiences should be the same, so we embrace custom solutions. By combining the customer/client insights, skills and experience we can generate digitally transformative landscapes that surpass expectations and amaze audiences time and time again ..

Large Format
LED Displays

We have an appetite for the spectacular. In collaboration with our global network of industry partners, we can guarantee the finest and most suitable solution for your business, at a price that meets every budget. Our extensive offerings encompass a diverse array of display technologies, including indoor high-res Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED, outdoor LED, large format LCDs and outdoor wayfinding/totem displays.

Software Integration

Superior technology meets breath-taking results. Our approach unlocks advanced capabilities and functionality tailored to your customers’ requirements. Our experienced, in-house, UK-based development team provides exceptional service without outsourcing, ensuring the utmost quality control. We specialise in advanced content management and integration enhancing workflows and providing state-of-the-art solutions that elevate performance and amplify user experiences.


Experience matters. For more than 12 years now we’ve been delivering the very best in digital displays, so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands. Digital Media Technologies has been trusted to provide unparalleled digital signage and broadcast solutions delivering your message, leaving a lasting impression with your audience. If you want to make a statement, then make one that lasts with a team that has the vision to engage and inspire.

Experiential Activations

Transcend the ordinary and make an impact on your audience. Whatever the campaign, if you’re looking for a partner who can help to elevate your message, our team has the ability and know-how to make the difference. Using unforgettable, interactive experiences that evoke emotion and inspire action, we can give your vision the platform it deserves.

Sports solutions

Elevate your brand to new heights. As specialists in sports solutions, we offer expert consulting, software, creative, design and operational services that captivate and delight your audience. We focus on visitor engagement and provide opportunities to boost revenue generation in venues, using a series of innovative products and cutting-edge technologies. Essential elements include LED video walls and scoreboards, digital signage and menu boards, wayfinding and directional signage, interactive displays and robust content management systems.


Trust our expertise to safeguard your digital investments. Providing peace of mind and confidence in the longevity and reliability of your solutions, we take enormous pride in offering comprehensive technical support to ensure your systems never let you down. Our suite of services includes proactive monitoring, dedicated technical support, meticulous maintenance, expert systems management, display upkeep and insightful reporting. We are committed to ensuring your systems are always working, seamlessly and effectively.

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