At the heart of your installation

At Digital Media Technologies, screen installation for Digital Out of Home operations is a dedicated and bespoke service. The way we approach projects is essential to our clients as we deliver that extra value that makes us unique in many ways.

Dedicated project management

Each installation is different. It depends on unique variables, such as location, the environment, its specific audience, or the position of the actual screens, among others. Even the type of content to be displayed can affect the requirements and installation possiblities.

The sum of these variables is the reason why projects need a pivotal player on which to rely. You want to count on a company capable of glueing together the many pieces of an intricate puzzle. You need a company that understands the end-to-end solution. For our clients, we are this pivotal player.

Our approach to Digital Screens Installation

Digital Media Technologies is there to coordinate an entire project from the client’s brief to launch and beyond. Every single aspect of the work will be managed and taken on by DMT. Our competence is there to leverage our in-house resources along with partners and external fabrication and installation services.

By all means, what our clients want is peace of mind for their installation. They will be looking for a service that guarantees a long-lasting ROI. They want to be sure that the equipment they are investing in meets their expectations and is future proof. DMT ensures that everything works just as great in the future as it does on day one.

On-site survey

After a high-level review of the requirements, DMT goes into more depth to answer all the key questions: What kind of installation is needed? Where will the screens be physically installed? Is it an outdoor or indoor facility?

In order to do so, we organise on-site surveys where the installation will take place, essential to determine specific needs early on.

A good analysis of the site helps to figure out in advance where everything should go in the final setup. For instance, DMT will determine the required structural engineering or where to store hardware, IT infrastructure, racking of machines, and others.

Bespoke consultancy

Every use case in an installation presents specific challenges. Sometimes, a client will need to work with a new installer or builder. Other times, the project will require interfacing with a different screen manufacturer.

In all these instances, Digital Media Technologies acquires the role of a safety net, guaranteeing direct coordination of all the parties involved. This bespoke consultancy is what DMT stands for. We apply it to every task in a project.

The client is at ease because the project will meet the requirements. Screen manufacturers know that their products will always offer maximum results. Builders, engineers, logistics: everybody knows what to do and when, with efficient communications, carefully scheduled plans and no delays.

Within schedule, within budget

Our work consists of delivering the best project installation based on:

  • Requirements – We strictly stick to our clients’ requirements, not ours
  • Budget – We only work according to the existing budget, always
  • Schedule – Our mission is to deliver a fully functional installation, on time

We understand every part of a project. DMT considers the needs, based on the content to be displayed once the facility is up and running.

An diverse list of services

Installation of DOOH assets requires an extraordinarily wide and diverse range of products and services. Listed below are a few of the services DMT can handle for their clients.

  • Feasibility study and site surveys
  • Design and Fabrication of all elements
  • Project Management, Health & Safety
  • Factory testing and pre build services
  • Groundworks for Foundations, Power & Data, Access, Security
  • Display logistics, access, permits
  • Installation & Commissioning of displays
  • Installation of comms system, 3G/4G/5G/Fixed Line Private Cloud
  • Installation of AV system, IT Rack, commission and test
  • Installation of Analytics and Monitoring equipment
  • Testing and Calibration with Client sign off