The Digital Out of Home (DOOH) market is very much a fragmented one. However, in the last years and in spite of the current situation, it has grown steadily around the world. Nobody can deny DOOH’s importance, especially with the rise of audience engagement, connectivity and data-driven analytics.

Therefore, the question is not anymore what is digital out of home advertising. Everyone is very well aware of what happens in iconic locations such as Piccadilly Lights. What we want to analyse is why out of home is so important in today’s advertising landscape. DMT’s goal is to help the industry educating the market on the enormous branding opportunities that DOOH can provide. Also, we will take a look at what is available today in order to enhance locations and display areas. With better attribution tools and technology, advertisers must be offered more efficient arguments to put OOH at the centre of their media planning campaigns.

Types of out of home advertising

Digital Out of Home advertising is a unique media platform. Designing for digital billboards requires advertisers to move away from old-style moulds such as the use of a logo, a tagline and nice-looking picture. It might sound like extra work. But the medium is exceptional, and this is what it makes it unique. You can run videos, stream live feeds, use audience participation, employ Augmented Reality, even adopt footfall and vehicle counting. All these tools can help to create a greater impact on the target the brand wishes to reach. And this happens in the very same environment the audience moves, commutes, shops and gets entertained.

Be at the heart of the experience

Every location and every digital billboard or display will meet specific requirements. At DMT, we believe that bespoke solutions are the ones that adapt the better to different needs. We work on services and solutions that aim to create the perfect conditions for each digital space.

We want to guide you through our approach regarding DOOH.

  • The most significant technology for audience engagement
  • Campaigns management
  • Attribution tools and data
  • Real-life DOOH examples