Piccadilly Lights: The restyling of an icon

An amazing landmark, famous all over the world, needed a complete renovation to take the lead in the Digital Out of Home space. Digital Media Technologies worked as hard as ever to meet the most demanding requirements with one goal in mind: making sure that Piccadilly Lights will always be London's iconic advertising hotspot.

In 2017, Piccadilly Lights was refurbished to a single 783.5 m2 LED digital screen, taking one of the most iconic advertising landmarks directly into the future of Out of Home advertising.

Digital Media Technologies played a significant role by providing a complete turnkey solution that would include both the hardware and software that today run a patchwork of six non-competing brands at the same time.

The requirements

The requirements of this project were, of course, unique. Piccadilly Lights did not only need a 1.4 greater than 4K LED screen. It required the building of a complete solution that would result into a modern and long-lasting system to run advertisements safely, allow ground-breaking content creation for specific campaigns, ensure network security to protect it, and audience engaging technologies.

All these essential demands are what DMT provided to landmark owner Landsec and Ocean Outdoor, who holds the advertising rights at the landmark.

Piccadilly Lights with screen domination by Hyundai

Keeping the tradition alive

DMT designed a system that works accordingly to the Piccadilly Lights tradition of six brands at the same time. The screen populates with content via a real-time graphics engine that splits the output into a patchwork that displays the concurrent advertisements. These brands rotate in position every 90 seconds. Every ten minutes, one of the brands goes into full-screen domination for 40 seconds, creating a spectacular effect on the audience in the area.

While resolution and the quality of the graphics play a significant role, DMT developed a bespoke scheduling application that guarantees full control of the content that is on screen at all times. Though DMT customised the development of the for the project, it is open to further integrations and technologies.

Bespoke scheduling power

At first glance, the requirements for Piccadilly Lights appeared simple, but a scratch under the surface reveals the true complexity. What at first appeared to be a standard Digital Signage install became a full-blown broadcasting system.

Each advertising panel at Piccadilly Lights is fully featured and displays content whilst using advanced functions, independent of the other frames. All frames, however, need to be fully synchronised for animations and playout at exactly the right time, every time (to the ms).

This allows each advertiser to chose from a range of built-in features, such as the standard data feeds for real-time information. This includes news, travel and weather for displaying real-time reactive content, such as the Abu Dhabi Tourism AR campaign though to countdowns, dynamic live text render overlays and 4K streaming. All activity can be simultaneous and always culminates in a truly spectacular full-screen activation every 10 minutes.

eBay campaign on Piccadilly Lights

Engaging technology and attribution

Piccadilly Lights is a significant player in the DOOH space. Digital Out of Home is changing rapidly to embrace more engaging technologies. Thus, DMT made sure this installation is prepared to offer brands to display out of the ordinary campaigns.

Amazing campaigns

Since the very launch of the new installation, Piccadilly Lights has been the stage of a great number of amazing campaigns. The same launch was a great event, followed by millions of people worldwide and a crowded Piccadilly Circus.

Discover some of the most amazing campaigns that have been delivered since 2017.