Reaching out for reaction

Coinciding with the International Women’s Day, on March 8th, Ocean, Women’s Aid and WCRS launched the impacting campaign Look at Me. For the first time in DOOH, people looking directly to the screen triggered a change in the creative.

A digital billboard showing the Women's Aid Look at Me creative campaign

In close contact with passers-by

The interactive billboard used facial recognition technology to allow this amazing experience for passers-by. The digital screen would show the image of a beaten and bruised woman. While nobody is looking at the screen, the image does not change. However, as soon as one person stops and looks at it, the bruises on the woman’s face start healing. This healing effect increased along with the amount of people looking at the same time.

Live footage and mobile retargeting

To create an even more engaging experience, the bottom part of the screen would show live footage, in webcam style, of everyone passing by in real-time, keeping track of the increased number of viewers.

Finally, the campaign retargeted pedestrians via mobile push notifications that encouraged users to donate to Women’s Aid.

View of a mobile phone with a retargeted message to encourage passers-by to donate for the campaign