Commemorating the WWI Armistice

The impact of screen domination

Screen domination is a very important feature at Piccadilly Lights. Not only it becomes necessary to rotate the six main brands on the screen, it also plays a significant role when the landmark is taken over by a campaign.

Possibly, one of the most powerful campaigns to take place since Piccadilly Light’s renovation was the commemorative event that took place to honour the 100th anniversary of the World War I Armistice.

The WWI Armistice Tribute at Piccadilly Lights
A view over Piccadilly Circus during the WWI Armistice commemoration

Triggering reaction with emotive content

The message had an absolute emotive impact. The tribute that took place during the whole weekend consisted of filmed sights and sounds of marching soldiers, in which each pair of marching boots represented a soldier killed in WWI. The message on screen reminder passers-by that it would take more than 10 days for all those who gave their life in the conflict to march through the screen.

The film would also allow people in Piccadilly Circus to watch eleven personal stories from WWI, from those who fought and supported the Commonwealth troops. These emotive narrations intended to help pedestrians to understand the ordeal that the Great War caused to a whole generation.